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Zhengye Technology Solemnly Holds the SBU 2018 Work Summary and 2019 Work Planning Meeting

On January 5th, the new era, new mission, and new work - Zhengye Technology Optoelectronics SBU 2018 work summary and 2019 work planning meeting was held in Songshan Lake Group headquarters.

Xu Diming, Vice President of Zhengye Technology Group, Luo Xianlin, General Manager of PCB Business Unit, Chen Wenfeng, General Manager of Jiyin Technology, Liu Haitao, General Manager of Jiangsu Zhengye, Cao Dong, General Manager of Huadongxing, Lin Ke, General Manager of Optoelectronics Division, Vice President of Intelligent Equipment Products Department Manager Wang Jiwen and leaders of various functional centers attended the meeting.

▲ meeting site

At the meeting, the heads of the optical SBUs, such as PCB Division, Jiyin Technology, Jiangsu Zhengye, Huadongxing, Optoelectronics Division, Intelligent Equipment Products Division, Finance Department and Purchasing Department, reported in detail the 2018 work summary and the 2019 work plan. .

Finally, Mr. Xu Diming, Vice President of Zhengye Technology Group, delivered a wonderful summary at the meeting, saying that 2018 is an extraordinary year, but the Optoelectronic SBU is facing difficulties and overcomes various risk challenges and remains “stable”. On the basis of this, we will strive to achieve steady, stable, and qualitative improvement, and successfully complete the full-year profit target, showing the tenacity and potential of the people. The achievement of the achievements is made by everyone's sweat, and I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and unity!

▲ Vice President Xu Diming wonderful summary

In addition, he also specifically emphasized that in 2019, we should focus on the following aspects: First, in-depth implementation of the "headquarters SBU system"; second, accurate positioning, focusing on high-end optoelectronic products; third, resource sharing, concentrated firepower to overcome customers; The action should be fast, and it must run through the whole process of receiving the goods from the order to the collection; the fifth is to take the lead and comprehensively promote the system. In the new year, we hope that everyone will be more diligent and responsible, and work hard to create a more brilliant future around the above key tasks.

Hard work and sweat make a brilliant 2018, tough and smart to cast a beautiful 2019. In the face of new challenges and opportunities, all members of Zhengye Technology Optoelectronics SBU will continue to fight in groups. With the resilience and determination of the mountains and the bridges, we will overcome difficulties and make progress to create better performance for the Group!
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